Finding the right mattress isn’t always the easiest task: you shouldn’t just choose the first one that feels somewhat comfortable, but also follow a number of guidelines to select the best mattress for your needs. Have a look at the following step-by-step plan we put together- it should definitely help you find the right mattress for you!

1. Make use of mattress reviews

You could of course spend hours perusing mattress stores or check different mattress websites. However, you can also make things a lot easier for yourself by reading mattress reviews. These outline the advantages and disadvantages of the mattresses clearly and also allow you to compare different mattresses easily.

Which? is probably the best known consumer body in the UK. They regularly offer unbiased reviews on various products and their ’best buy‘ seal of approval is often times a good indicator that a product is high quality. You can also check out Good Housekeeping Institute. Similarly to Which?, this testing institute offers great reviews on mattresses and is a great resource. Other publications such as Expert Reviews also regularly review the latest mattresses on the market.

2. Compare mattresses

Even if you’ve narrowed down the mattresses you’re interested in, there might still be differences between them, for example in the materials used (e.g. pocket springs, foam, latex, gel or a combination of these) or in the service offered (e.g. shipping costs, return costs, guarantee and the possibility of testing sleep).

Firstly, you should determine what is important to you. Is the quality of a mattress the most important thing for you? Or is the price the determining factor for you? Do you want the mattress to have a certain height? Is it important that is has a seal of approval for example? Are you happy to only have lied on it for a few minutes in a shop or would you prefer more time to make your decision? Decide what is important to you, before making your choice.

3. Choosing a mattress

Now that you have determined which points are most important to you, you can compare the best mattresses and choose the one that suits your needs the most. Remember: if you opt to buy your mattress online, you can trial it for 100 days in many cases. This makes it relatively risk free. If you do not like the mattress, you can always return it.

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